1st webinar
06 Jun 2022
Webinar Augmanity: Industry meets the future (SAVE THE DATE)

Next July 6th the Project Augmented Humanity will organize its first public webinar Augmanity: Industry meets the future. The consortium will present the project and the results until now. The webinar will also have institutional interventions on the challenges of the digital transition, business competitiveness and new programs.

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The Webinar aims to present the Augmanity Project, the results obtained so far, as well as solutions already close to the market and not forgetting technical skills in a shop floor perspective. There will also be institutional interventions on the challenges of digital transition, business competitiveness, innovation in Portugal and new incentive programmes, by Ulla Engelmann (Acting Director – European Commission DG GROW Industrial Forum, Alliances & Clusters), Pedro Cilínio (IAPMEI* Director in incentive systems for investment in innovation, qualification and R&D in companies) and Eduardo Pinto (Member of the Executive Board of ANI**)

The Augmented Humanity Mobilizer Project aims to anticipate the future, with innovative, immersive and supportive solutions and technologies in industrial production environments. It results from a coordinated strategy between industrial partners and research centers, developing relevant technologies and tools that make industrial processes more efficient, less impactful on workers' health, reduce risk and prepare and adapt both processes and human resources for the new paradigms of digitization in industry – Industry 4.0.





The Augmented Humanity - Augmanity Project [POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046103 and LISBOA-01-0247-FEDER-046103] is a Mobilizer Project led by Bosch Termotecnologia with the participation of 22 co-promoters, is co-financed by the and Competitiveness Operational and Internationalization Program and the Lisbon Regional Operational Program of PORTUGAL 2020, in the amount of EUR 8.2 million, of which EUR 5.2 Million comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It lasts for 3 years and will be completed in June 2023.


*IAPMEI (IAPMEI - Página Inicial) is the national agency for innovation and competitiveness (focused mainly on SME’s..). it depends from the Ministry of Economy

**ANI (EN | ANI)  is the National Agency for Innovation, promoting the cooperation between the scientific and Technological System and the business world. It links the Science (Ministry of Science & Technology) with Economy (Ministry of Economy).



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