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20 Nov 2023
Closure of Augmanity, a mobilizing project developed by Bosch in partnership with the University of Aveiro

The Augmanity project presents innovative solutions in the areas of Industrial Ergonomics and Robotics, Data Science, IIoT/5G, Virtual and Augmented Reality.
Bosch and the University of Aveiro (UA), in a consortium of 22 entities, anticipate the future in industry and factory work through the development and integration of innovative solutions. They range from the industrial implementation of 5G, AIoT and augmented reality, which aim at robotic integration and the creation of software with artificial intelligence with the aim of not only improving efficiency, but also the health of workers. 
These and other technologies have been publicly presented as a result of the Augmented Humanity (Augmanity) innovation project.
With an investment value of 8 million euros, about 275 technicians and researchers from the various companies and entities of the consortium were involved in this project. On Bosch's part, more than 60 employees were assigned to Augmanity's I&D, and five highly qualified employees were also hired specifically within the scope of the project. The UA, as a strategic scientific partner of this project, allocated 55 researchers and hired 25 research fellows.
The technologies developed within the scope of the Augmanity project anticipate the future of Industry 4.0 and enhance greater competitiveness of industry and production in Portugal.


For Nelson Ferreira, responsible for Industry 4.0 at Bosch, "Augmanity results in technologies and tools that make industrial processes more efficient, less impactful on workers' health and that prepare human resources for a new industrial reality. In addition, this project has from the beginning the objective of enhancing the recognition of Portugal as a true center of innovation worldwide in Industry 4.0 capable of exporting technology".


João Veloso, Vice-Rector for Cooperation at the University of Aveiro, reinforces that "it is essential that companies can evolve towards an industry 5.0 focused on the individual in order to increase their productive efficiency and competitiveness. We believe that this partnership between Bosch and the knowledge of the University of Aveiro has allowed us to explore, develop and apply new concepts that are resulting in a smarter and more efficient industry".


Project Closing Video