30 Jun 2023
'Augmented Humanity' presented today at Bosch.

Bosch today held a meeting of partners to present modernization project results applicable to the industry.

"Augmented Humanity" seeks to reduce emissions, improve the efficiency of industrial processes, develop production processes according to the characteristics of the working population and prepare human resources for a new industrial reality (industry 4.0).

The concept aims at the integration of human and computing skills to improve productive capacities by developing the capacities presented by the human factor.

A project that aims to transform the industry in the name of the well-being of workers in a more humanized vision of the productive system.

Nelson Ferreira, representing Bosch, made a positive assessment of the action that will allow the application of new technologies in the workplace.

"We talk about new processes, new products, emerging technologies and communication, information and decision support systems for the execution and management of day-to-day operations in the industry. What sets Augmanity apart from most projects in the area of Industry 4.0 is that we have put the potential and human factor at the heart of the developments of all technological solutions, ranging from collaborative robotics, connectivity, augmented reality to data science applied to industry," explained Nelson Ferreira of Bosch.

The person responsible for the project speaks of a transformation that will mark the future of companies.

"The Factory of the Future is a connected and employee-focused factory."

It is a project with application areas in Lisbon, North and Center zones and that has in Bosch one of the pillars in the industry sector.

It mobilizes companies such as Altice, Bosch, Ikea, AAPICO, Oli, Huawei, competence centers and universities.

Leading the consortium is Bosch and UA emerges as a scientific leader in an investment project of 8 million euros, co-financed by the FEDER through the Portugal 2020 - Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization (COMPETE 2020) and LISBOA 2020. António Valente of the AU gave the 'compliment' to this common project.


Font: Rádio Terranova