11 Jul 2022
Another international distinction within the AUGMANITY project

In addition to the two recognitions already obtained in the scope of AUGMANITY in 2021, in Monterrey, now it was the turn of the student Tiago Bastos to achieve first place (there were also second and third places) in the category "Human Factors and Ergonomics Competition Award", at the 7th North American International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM), which took place between June 11th and 14th in Orlando, Florida, USA, with the article 'Competence management in Industry 4.0: An innovative concept to support a Skill@Mgmt 4.0 tool', and which was co-authored by Juliana Salvadorinho, Andreia Vitória and Leonor Teixeira.

This article, aligned with the principles and work that has been developed in the AUGMANITY project, describes a model of an innovative solution for skills management within Industry 4.0, a tool that is expected to be useful to deal with the challenges posed by the new industrial paradigm (Industry 4.0), where retaining knowledge and attracting new talent is starting to show some difficulties. In addition to the associated research, the study included a focus group conducted with three partner companies in the AUGMANITY project - Bosch TT, OLI - Sistemas Sanitários, S.A and IKEA Industry Portugal, S.A.

The awarded paper, part of the AUGMANITY project, was developed in the context of the dissertation (to be defended soon) of the student of the Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management (MIEGI), Tiago Bastos, entitled "Human Capital in the Industry 4.0: Managing skills and careers to endorse engagement" and had the scientific guidance of Leonor Teixeira, professor at the Department of Economics, Management, Industrial Engineering and Tourism (DEGEIT) of UAveiro and researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Informatics Engineering of Aveiro (IEETA), and coordinator of PPS5 - HR 4.0 Tools for better and healthier workers in i4.0 environments - in the AUGMANITY Project.

The AUGMANITY project aims to work on aspects related to the human factor in the digital paradigm. In this sense, the role that the employees' skills have, associated with the role that this tool can have in their involvement, translates into contributions aligned with the project's purpose.